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Another popular pageant is the Miss China Beauty Pageant. The Miss China Pageant is a national event from which the winners will represent China in world-wide pageants such as the Miss Universe Pageant, arguably the most popular of all international beauty pageants. In the Miss China Pageant, all regions of China are encouraged to have a representative, which brings the contestant’s total to 34 delegates for the competition.

There are various different Miss China pageants held annually. There is the Miss China Universe, where the eventual winner represents China in the Miss Universe Pageant. There is also the Miss China World, a similar pageant that looks for China’s representative for the Miss World Beauty Pageant. Currently, the Miss China Universe winner of 2009 is Wang Jingyao. Wang Jingyao will be the one given the privilege to represent China in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant of 2009 which will be held in Nassau, Bahamas’ Atlantis Paradise Island on August of 2009.

The very first Miss China Universe Pageant was in March of 2002. the event was held in China’s Guangdong province. There were some groups that say that the contest was halted right before the voting officially began as the officials thought that the event was not licensed. The claim was disputed by the 2002 winner, Zhuo Ling, who re-assured everyone that all of the 40 finalists that came from different parts of China all made it to the pageant. The license for Miss Universe in China was however given to Johnny Kao in July of 2002. Johnny Kao is a well-known Chinese-American entrepreneur as well as a businessman in China.

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