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Beauty pageants are a common event among the many different countries of the world. As the popularity of all the international events such as the Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageants become more and more popular to people in many different parts of the globe, a lot of countries have become more adamant in their attempts to bring their best, most beautiful and intelligent female representatives to these meets with the hopes of bringing more awareness and consciousness about their countries.

In Asia, there are so many different beauty pageants that are held annually not just to find out the next international contestant that they will be bringing to foreign countries, but also to celebrate the beauty and grace of their native women. There are so many events like the Miss Asia, Miss China World, and Miss China Universe, that are held annually in order to feature the most beautiful and intelligent women of Asia.

The Miss Asia beauty pageant is one of the most unique of all beauty pageants as it has many different divisions for the various parts of Asia. It is also unique in the sense that it is one of the very few beauty pageants to have no rules on the age limit of their contestants. The Miss China Universe event is another popular beauty pageant in Asia, and looks to find China’s most suitable representative for the Miss Universe Pageant. Similarly, the Miss China World is a beauty pageant where the winner will be given the blessing to represent China in the annual Miss World Beauty Pageant.

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