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Organized by the Asia Television Limited, a popular broadcast company that runs its operations in Hong Kong, the Miss Asia Pageant is a beauty contest that has been running since 1985. The Miss Asia pageant in Hong Kong was in hiatus between 2000 to 2003, but started again in 2004.

The relaunch of the Miss Asia Pageant in 2004 was quite different however compared to the old format, as it was no longer an event that was exclusively for women in Hong Kong. The 2004 Miss Asia Pageant became open to contestants from other neighboring Asian countries like Macau, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Mainland China.

Since the revitalized Miss Asia franchise was reopened in 2004. they have been holding their semi-finals in various parts of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Eventually, the format of the Miss Asia pageant was changed once again in order to divide the contestants into three groups. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau formed one group, Mainland China was another, and a third group was started for the rest of Asia.

In most cases, there are more than just one representative in Hong Kong as well as Mainland China, while other Asian countries only have one representative each. There is also no age limit for women joining the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant. This is a very unique rule amongst all the different beauty pageants that are known around the world.

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